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Secondary Book Trailers

Page history last edited by Robin Henry 11 years, 3 months ago

 We are currently sharing our secondary trailers here.  You will need to be a member to upload videos.  If you need help, see the instructional page linked on the sidebar. 


Let the uploading begin!


Highlighted books are on the summer reading list (2011).


Alpha by Title


     13 Little Blue Envelopes.wmv by Tammy Turner


After trailer at Barnes and Noble


After Ever After by Liz Friend


  Anne Frank Remembered by ??


Bonechiller.wmv by Betty Haug


  Born to Rock animoto.mp4 by Liz Friend


Box Out Book Trailer.mp4 by Mandy Lawrence


  Cover-Up.wmv by Tammy Turner


Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted


DeadlineTrailer.wmv by Robin Henry

TheDevouringAnimoto_video.mp4 by Robin Henry


Dope Sick on SchoolTube


  Downsiders by Liz Friend


Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Liz Friend


EvernightTrailer2.wmv by Robin Henry


Forest of Hands and Teeth trailer at Teen TV.com


   Freefall by Robin Henry


Gentlemen by Robin Henry


  Hard Knock life book talk video--themed video with several books by Robin Henry


 Hush trailer at Simon and Schuster


iqbooktrailer.mp4 by Mandy Lawrence


  Juvie Three Animoto.mp4 by Liz Friend


TheLabTrailer.wmv by Robin Henry


Cover image for The limit  the limit.wmv by Robin Horst


The Morgue and Me by Robin Henry


 My Name is Asher Lev by Allison Wilson


NewesDead.wmv by Carol McCord


  no_more_dead_dogs_video.wmv by Robin Horst


Notes from the Midnight Driver by Liz Friend


   POP!.mp4  by Melanie Rumsey


  Prophecy of the Sisters.mp4 by Melanie Rumsey


Reality.Check.final.wmv by Shelby Bivins


 Schooled by Liz Friend


  A Separate Peace by Liz Friend


Summoning_0001.wmv by Mandy Lawrence


 Swallowing Stones by Leigh Ann Jones


    Swindle.wmv  by Tammy Turner


  Swindle (Shorter Animoto).mp4 by Liz Friend




Tayshas 2010 Reading List Video by Shelby Bivins



Tayshas 2010 Preview Video by Robin Henry

 I would recommend downloading this--save instead of open.  Otherwise, you will be waiting...waiting...waiting.


 Their Eyes Were Watching God by Allison Wilson


 Their Eyes Were Watching God--YouTube video with Oprah


 Three Cups of Tea PhotoStory2.3cupsteafinal.wmv

 An Unspeakable Crime trailer by Robin Henry


  Unwind.wmv by Tammy Turner


  View from Saturday.wmv by Tammy Turner


Wake-animoto_video.wmv by Robin Henry


Westing Game by Liz Friend


WhatISawandHowILied.wmv by Robin Henry


   Where the Red Fern Grows.wmv by Tammy Turner




Cover image for Wicked girls : a novel of the ...wicked girls_1_0001.wmv  by Robin Horst


Wintergirls.mp4 by Mandy Lawrence



Wuthering Heights by Carol McCord 


Zen and the Art of Faking It by Liz Friend




All book trailers contained on this page have been created by the Frisco ISD librarians or are used with permission.  Trailers from other sources are links to the original maker's video.  Permission to use FISD produced trailers, including downloading, is granted as long as attribution is given and the trailers are not adapted or changed in any way.

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